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Best Mage Heroes In Mobile Legends

Come to U7Buy to top up ML murah without breaking the bank! In Mobile Legends, the Mage class encompasses a diverse range of heroes that specialize in dealing damage from a distance. The Mage also controls the battlefield with crowd-control spells and provides utility to their team. Mages in Mobile Legends come in various shapes and forms, ranging from traditional spell casters to more unique and niche heroes. When it comes to picking a Mage, which one is the best? Here are a few suggestions!

Mobile Legends Pure Mage Heroes

Eudora specializes in crowd-control and burst damage. Her first skill is an AOE lighting spell that causes the targets to take extra damage. Her second skill is a powerful single-target attack. Eudora’s ultimate is boosted if the enemy has the Superconductor debuff from her passive ability.

Valentina is one of the MLBB Mages with the highest damage-dealing potential. Her abilities not only inflict damage but also slow the target. Valentina’s second skill keeps her mobile. This skill can be used many times as its cooldown is reduced each time it deals damage. This hero requires a certain level of mastery, but once you get used to it you become unstoppable.

Kagura is a Mage that excels at crowd-control and defense. Her passive ability creates a barrier that absorbs damage. It also slows and stuns the enemies. All of her skills have dual effects that combine damage with a form of crowd-control while also providing mobility.

Lylia, the Little Witch, is a force to be reckoned with thanks to her push skills. Her Angry Gloom passive increases her speed. Both of her active skills deal AOE damage and slow the enemies. When Lylia uses her ultimate, she regains mana and HP.

Pharsa completes the best Mobile Legends Mages list. This hero is capable of great damage when fighting in the mid lane. Her skills allow Pharsa to deal damage in the direction of the enemy. She has an AOE ultimate ability that halves the targets’ HP. The Raven Princess of the Askati Forest can change into her raven companion to escape messy situations.

Mobile Legends Hybrid Mage Heroes

Alice, the Queen of Blood, is a hybrid character with the Mage/Tank role. Her passive ability allows her to regenerate mana each second and gain extra movement speed and healing when leveling up. The ultimate ability makes her unstoppable as she regains HP while dealing damage. This effect is active while the hero has mana. In the MLBB lore, Alice is often portrayed as one of the antagonists.

Harley is considered a half Mage hero because he also features Assassin traits. However, he deals magic-based ranged damage. Harley specializes in burst attacks. He has a powerful single-target ultimate ability. Deadly Magic inflicts magic damage and slows the enemy. While the enemy is inside the Deadly Magic circle, they can also receive damage from Harley’s other abilities. The circle explodes after four seconds dealing additional damage.

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